eggs sunny style

Shell some broad beans, top and tail some sugar snap peas and poach an egg for this wholesome sunny style eggs. Simple is best and the bean, pea combo with a simple poached egg, works perfectly with the fresh vietnamese mint. Fresh beans and wholegrain toast make me feel good.Even the colour of the fresh peas and beans are so vibrant they seem to pop!  I needed some vietnamese mint for a recipe recently and the markets didn’t have any, so I called on a friend who had mentioned he had it growing. I popped round and grabbed a stash. After using it, I kept the leftover sprigs in a glass of water till the roots started to sprout.. about a week or so, then I planted it in the garden, its coming along nicely and hopefully I will have my own thriving plant.

eggs sunny style 2

recipe, styling and snap Sydney food stylist Jane Collins 

eggs sunny style


Prep time 20 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes

Makes  4

1 Tbsp  extra virgin olive oil, plus extra to drizzle

1 small onion, sliced

1 zucchini, finely sliced

1 cup sugar snap peas, trimmed

1 cup frozen broad beans, shelled see sizzle tip 

½ cup picked Vietnamese mint leaves

4 slices wholegrain bread

4 eggs

chilli sauce to serve




1 Heat oil in a large frypan over medium high heat, add onion and cook, stirring occasionally for 1-2 minutes. Add zucchini and cook for another minute.Season with sea salt and cracked black pepper. Stir in sugar snaps and broad beans and toss together for 1 minute till bright green and crisp.Remove from heat,add mint leaves. Toast bread slices.

2 Heat a medium saucepan half filled with water over high heat, till water begins to boil, reduce heat to medium high. Crack the eggs into a small bowl and, one by one while the water is simmering NOT boiling, tip 2 eggs in.  You can swirl if you like, but not too hard to bust up the eggs. Cook for 1-2 minutes till the white is firm, but the yolk is still soft. Remove with a slotted spoon. Repeat with remaining eggs.

3 Top toast with bean mixture and place a poached egg on each. Drizzle with extra olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper and chilli sauce if desired.



Sizzle tip- The freshest eggs work the best for poaching.You can buy broad beans in the supermarket  freezer, thaw for 10-15  minutes or place in a bowl filled with water to make it easier to peel. The beans will be bright green inside. Discard shells.

 Sizzle sub- Vietnamese mint is such a fresh unique taste, adding an aniseed flavour to dishes.  Use basil leaves or your favourite herb if Vietnamese mint is not available.

Crispy pork neck with chilli jam and green beans
Shrimp paste is available from Asian grocery stores, or look for it in the Asian section of the supermarket.
This is a fabulous chilli paste. Make up a double batch and serve it on steamed fish, or chicken, or toss it through your favourite vegetables.

Prep 10 minutes
Serves 4
Cooking 30 minutes

½ cup peanut oil, plus extra for frying
6 long red chillies, chopped, plus extra to serve
1 large red onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, bruised
2 tsp shrimp paste
3 cm piece of ginger, peeled and chopped
½ cup brown sugar
1/3 cup lime juice
1 Tbsp soy sauce
650g pork neck, trimmed and cubed
½ cup plain flour
1 Tbsp sesame oil
500g green beans, trimmed
2 tsp sesame seeds, toasted
Steamed rice to serve
Green onions ( the long green ones ) sliced to serve

1 Preheat oven to 180°c or 160°c Fan forced. Line an oven tray with baking paper.
2 In a frypan, add peanut oil over high heat. Fry chillies, onion, garlic, shrimp paste and ginger for 1-2 minutes till crisp. Transfer to a food processor. Process till a thick paste with sugar, juice and soy.
3 Toss pork neck in flour, shaking off excess. Heat extra peanut oil in a large saucepan or wok. Cook pork neck in batches for 3-4 minutes till crispy. Drain on paper towel.
4 Toss pork in chilli paste and transfer to tray. Bake for 10 -12 minutes till sauce is sticky, turning to coat.
5Heat frypan with sesame oil and stir fry beans for 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle with seeds. Serve pork with beans and rice, green onion and extra chilli.

Photography Scott Hawkins styling by me @janeecollins recipe woman’s day mag Australia @womansdayaus -recipe by Food to love

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I wish this rolled pork belly with hasselback potatoes and maple pears was dinner ! Photography by @omidphotography htt:// styling and food by me #janecollinsfoodstylist #sizzleandswirl link in the profile to click on the blog and search for pork belly with maple pears #porkbellywithmaplepears#dinnerwiththefamily #food #f52life #f52grams #feedfeed #foodblogger #foodstylist #australianpork#getsomeporkonyourfork#love #yum #nomnom #pears#bourbon#dinner#weeknightmeals

Rolled pork belly with maple and bourbon pears & hasselback potatoes
Prep time –30 minutes
Cooking time – 1 ½hrs – 1hr 40 minutes hours

2 kg pork belly
¼ cup olive oil
2 Tbsp sea salt
Cracked pepper
1 kg Desiree potatoes, roughly the same size
3 garlic cloves, crushed
2 Tbsp chopped mixed herbs – I like to use thyme and rosemary
50 g butter
½ cup maple syrup
¼ cup bourbon
4 pears, quartered, leave the skin on

1 Preheat oven to 220c. Line a tray with baking paper. Pat dry the skin of the pork with paper towel, and make sure its dry. If the pork skin is still wet, allow to dry in the fridge uncovered for a few hours. Score the skin with a small sharp knife. Not cutting all the way through to the flesh. Roll the pork belly onto itself and tie with string – this can be done with one long piece of string or in small ties across the top, so the belly stays in a roll shape. Rub with 2 tablespoons of oil and sprinkle with salt & pepper. Place onto a rack on prepared tray and cook for 30 minutes till skin blisters and cracks. Reduce heat to 190c.
2 Slice the potatoes into 3mm slices but not all the way through, leaving them in tact at the base ( you can place then beside 2 chopsticks and use this as a guide to cut to. ) Place into a baking dish, and repeat with other potatoes. Combine the remaining oil with garlic, sea salt and herbs, drizzle over the potatoes. Cook for 1 hour – 10 minutes, or till golden and soft in the centre.
3To make the maple bourbon pears, place the butter into a medium saucepan and heat over medium heat till bubbling, add maple syrup, bourbon and stir to combine. Add pears and cook for7-8 minutes till softened, but still firm. Set aside.
4 Slice pork and arrange on a platter with potatoes and maple pears.