lamington balls

hero lamington

Yesterday was my 8 year olds twins birthday.. ..

They requested chocolate cake, so I made two ! There was a party of 18 8 year olds and we played all the old fashioned games, pin the tail on the tiger ( cause they didn’t want a donkey ! )  musical chairs, musical statues, pass the parcel and Limbo !The girls  did all the preparation with my parents, and my dad even drew the tiger, for pin the tail on the tiger. Mum made the bunting, and the chocolate crackles..

We had quite a bit of chocolate cake left, and since Australia day falls tomorrow, ( and lamingtons are ever poplar on this day ) I thought we could use up the chocolate cake and make lamington balls… success! They are great and so easy, just takes 20 minutes. Remember when you used to roll up the white bread and  eat it?( oh maybe that was just me),well the rolling of the chocolate cake reminded me of this.

Give it a go  when you have some left over cake ( although I am not sure those words go together…)



Lamington balls-

prep time 20 minutes

makes 20



1 cup icing sugar

1 1/2 Tbsp cocoa powder

1 Tsp butter

1-2 Tbsp hot water

400g chocolate cake

1-2 cups desiccated coconut


1  In a medium bowl combine icing sugar with cocoa and  butter. Stir in enough hot water till smooth.  Break off 1-2 tablespoons of cake and roll into balls, about the size of a walnut.

2 Dip each ball into the chocolate icing, one at a time,  letting the excess drain off on a fork.  roll in coconut till covered.

3 Refrigerate or eat as it. Store any uneaten balls, in an air tight covered container  in the fridge,  for a couple of days.

lamington finished


sizzle tip-  use any left over cake- it helps if the cake is moist to be gin with, as it needs to be to roll, if you are having trouble rolling the cake, drip a couple of drops of hot water into cake and continue till the mixture comes together. I would have loved to have squeezed in some whipped cream and jam to make a true lamington style… I will have to get onto testing this.




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