cloudy apple and vodka martini

Partner your nibbles with this delicious,  sweet cloudy apple and vodka Martini. I used cloudy apple cordial and fresh limes to add some zing. garnish with sugared red currents for some extra sharpness.This is not a true Martini as I have used some soda water to cut through the sweetness, and only vodka… I love the micro mint and the squeeze of lime at the end. you could team it with crisp apple slices for a crunchy fruit hit.Test Jane 114682

 photography by Sydney  Food photographer Omid 

 recipe and styling by  Sydney food stylist Jane Collins 


Cloudy apple Martini

prep time – 5 minutes

serves 6

100ml cloudy apple syrup or cordial

240ml vodka

500ml soda water

ice to serve

2 limes, halved

red currants to serve

2 Tbsps caster sugar


1 Combine apple syrup with vodka and soda water. Add ice to glasses and pour in vodka mix, squeeze in lime juice and serve with sugared red currents. Garnish with micro mint.

2 To sugar red currents, sprinkle sugar onto  a flat plate and toss in the red currents. Serve with Martini.




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